Pantry Organization

Having an organized pantry is good for the soul ! Let's be honest, it just makes you feel so good . This is one of my favorite projects but I'm not gonna lie , it can be a bit time consuming , however the afterward results make it all worth it .

I deep clean my pantry once a month.. ok let's be real more like once every few months lol..

After my pantry its emptied, cleaned and I threw away lots of expired food lol the fun part begins.

At this point in this process I feel a bit overwhelmed and have no clue where to start lol but I always figure it out , specially if I have music on ( I can not function without music when I clean )

What a mess

Once I sort my piles and everything is labeled I can start placing things back in the pantry with a purpose.

Putting items likes oats , flour, sugar etc in containers removes all the packaging out of the space and you have more room for other items. Plus being able to access and see everything front and center helps quite a lot when it comes to making a grocery list since I don't have to guess what we need .

My clear containers are from Sam's club , the white solid bins are from Ikea and the ones with holes on them are from the dollar store , which for the price are pretty functional , specially if you are on a budget .. I slowly purchased the Ikea ones ( every time I went there, I'd grab a couple lol )

“Putting your house in order is the magic that creates a vibrant & happy life"

Marie Kondo

The fun part for me is labeling. Some of my labels are in Spanish too, because I figured it could help the boys learn some more words.

I used this chalk decal that I had on hand and made my own, but I'm sure you can but them at any target or craft store. Liquid chalk markers work best on this type of decal , it has a grid on the back so it's easier to cut to size and make your own labels.

With two boys, who are constantly eating and getting inside the pantry, I have to make sure things are easy for them to reach and not breakable , so all of this containers ( minus the one where the pancake mix is ) are plastic , durable an easy to clean.

I would love to add a few more wicker baskets , I like how they look, but so far I am very happy with how my pantry is looking .

Next project : convincing my husband to change those wire shelving to wooden ones lol


Sam's Club Member's Mark Fliplock Containers Set 8 Pcs.

Ikea containers VARIERABox, high gloss white, 13 1/4x9 1/2 "

Chalkboard Decal TOPtoper Chalk Vinyl l Sticker Roll (Black, 17.7×78.7 Inch)



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