DIY Chalkboard wall : playroom/studyroom

Growing up I remember having a small chalkboard wall at home... My dad would teach me math on it, it's such a cute memory I get to keep forever. So having a chalkboard wall for my boys to learn and be creative was a must, I didn't really care if it was trendy or not

However thinking about having a chalkboard wall in your home might be overwhelming, I know it was for me specially because I thought having a black wall would make the room feel smaller and dark. This is not the first time we had a chalkboard wall. I painted one in our home in New Orleans, since we were homeowners I didn't feel the pressure of ruining the wall if it didn't turn out as expected. The pictures below are from our NOLA home, the boys had a huge playroom.

If you are ready to add a chalkwall to a room in your home you will need this :

- A paint roller and a small brush for the corners

- Painter's tape

- Chalkboard Paint , I used Valspar black chalkboard paint , you can find it at Lowe's

- And some sort of plastic to protect you floors.

I know that there are many tutorials out there about how to paint a chalkboard wall, and I've seen different techniques and tips but I honestly don't think is that complicated, pretty much just tape around your chosen wall and start painting . Many suggest prepping and sanding your wall and sure why not, specially if your walls have a lot of texture, mine are not super smooth but not super textured either so I skipped those steps and went for it. If your walls are textured but decide to paint anyway I think it should be fine but when cleaning the wall you most likely will see an annoying white/gray haze on it.

I only added one coat, and to be honest I didn't do the final priming (covering the entire wall with chalk) I just waited until the next day to start drawing on it, but check your paint can for details because some brands recommend days or weeks before applying chalk. I just know that with this particular brand I didn't have to do that.

Tips for cleaning the wall

So far all I am doing is using a wet rag to clean my wall and it turns back to black very easily, but if you see a white/gray haze on it I recommend using coca cola .. yes soda, it will turn your wall back to black (I used to do this to the wall in our old home) I know it might be a little extra but you can do it occasionally and don't worry about the wall being sticky, don't apply to much just a bit at a time using an old rag and then wipe again with just water .

I've always used regular chalk, but if you use chalk markers, I've read somewhere that Mr. Clean Magic eraser works however I haven't tried it yet.

We are proud homeowners again, so the chalkboard wall had to come back.

If you aren't too sure about painting an entire wall black there is an alternative that you might like . Just use an adhesive chalkboard wall decal, I tried this on a door in my old kitchen (picture below) just to add something fun and it was really easy to remove. This is the product I used chalkboard contact paper roll.

Chalkboard walls can be so much fun. They help me when I homeschool Jesse, as he can practice writing on it, and drawing silly things. To be honest I enjoy it as well, drawing is one of my favorite things to do.

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