Boys Room

After living in our Maryland home for almost a year now , we are finally doing some decorating in the boys' room. Thanks for the drawings Jesse. I love to display my boys' art on my walls , if I could, I'd keep all of their little masterpieces forever but let's be honest... That won't happen. Their bedroom in this house is kind of small so I was debating on keeping the walls white or adding some color to them.... I've been wanting to add a bold accent wall to make it fun but nothing too crazy or else their room would feel too busy and smaller . We went to Lowe's to get some color samples and with the help of the boys we finally picked a color . I immediately started moving things around to start painting ( which I find truly relaxing )

At first I painted the whole accent wall one color ( watch this tiny video) , and even though liked how the color turned out , I wasn't too happy about , something was missing. After a few days of thinking, searching for ideas and just looking at the wall I decided to add a little design to it ( Nicolas calls it mountains lol) I just taped diagonal lines and played around to see which parts I wanted to paint and which ones to keep white , I was doubting myself a bit at first but just went for it , what is the worst thing that could happen right ? .... just waste time repainting lol. It took me a bit longer than expected but we love the result , adding some type of geometric lines gave the room a fun and modern look, and it does not look too busy which is what I was trying to achieve .

Now this room is not completely done , since I'm constantly rearranging things in my house but it is getting there and we love it so far.

- Beds are from IKEA

- Paint is Field of Pines by Valspar

- Nightstand is from Homegoods

- Marque letter are from Hobby lobby

- Lamps are from IKEA

- Moon poster is from Amazon

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