Homeschool resources for kids of all ages

As school districts around the country are closing and introducing “distance learning” for students, we are faced with this new responsibility of educating our children at home ( which can be stressing ) So even if you are getting help from your children's school I wanted to share some free resources that I love and have been using for a while.

Easy Peasy All-in-one Homeschool

This is an all free online homeschool curriculum for grades K-12. This site offers preschool (getting ready 1), kindergarten (getting ready 2), and first through eighth. (They have a separate high school site.) You can print out all pages for this course or if is more convenient for you they also have a workbook available,for purchase, on amazon.It is totally affordable so I got mine here Getting Ready 1 Printable . We have used the preschool course and Jesse enjoyed it a lot . I love that this tells you what to do and what to teach your little one each day. It is pretty easy to follow .

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free practice exercises and instructional videos about math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. This one is super fun, you will find so much in their website and for the littlest ones they also have an app you can download.

Kids Discover

Kids Discover is an online platform for Elementary and Middle school learners they have so much information and over 2,000 Science and Social Studies articles that your Kids can read, this is a little more for older kids but they have different tools like the "read-aloud" one which Jesse loves since he can't read at that level yet. What I love the most about this site is that kids can highlight a word, a sentence or the whole article and it will translate to multiple languages, so I love that we have that option since I am trying my best to help the boys speak Spanish fluently. I signed up with a free account , no credit cards required so you can try it out and see if you like it. Eventually I will upgrade to the Homeschool Plan (They have three others). This is a good one guys, check it out.

Abeka Homeschool

This is a comprehensive, biblically-based curriculum, textbooks, teaching aids, and more for Preschool–Grade 12. Now, this curriculum is not free but you can purchase individual educational products on their website at different prices , like books, flashcards, etc. However, if you are ready to start your homeschool adventure they offer different kits. Here is the one I purchased for my oldest back when he was starting Kinder K5 Essential Parent Kit (cursive) I really enjoyed this curriculum, once you order they will send everything you need to make your teaching experience smooth and easy. I was very overwhelmed back then since I didn't have any homeschooling experience but, this one comes with a detailed lesson guide for parents that shows you how and what to teach each day, so you are covered.

Star Fall

This is another awesome one that we use a lot , seriously guys you will love it. They have free printables, customizable math practice sheets, word and picture cards plus free educational games, songs, a talking library for the little ones ... it's just awesome! Explore the website to find amazing free resources.

Extra links to keep the kids busy

Smithsonian’s National Zoo My boys love these Zoo webcams where they can watch their favorite animals

Ouwehand Park Polar Bear Cubs Rhenen, Netherland

San Diego Zoo

Seattle Aquarium Take a virtual tour

Georgia Aquarium

Story Time in Space Kids can watch Astronauts reading stories from Space

Kennedy Space Center is offering free online activities for kids during school closures. Nicolas loves anything space related so this is a good one for him.

The Kennedy Center LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems!... this is such a cute activity to keep the kids entertained drawing and coloring . Plus he is one of our favorite children's book author .

Audible Stories If you or your kids are fans of Harry Potter, then you will love this one. J K Rowling is offering access to the first book - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) during this coronavirus lockdown for free. 

I hope this links are useful. Originally, I was going to write a -more detailed- post about how I've been homeschooling my 4 year old, with books, flashcards and tools I use, but I wanted to share these links first since I know we are all dealing with this new scary situation and I know homeschooling can be overwhelming, specially having more than one kid to teach. So I will share another post, about Jesse's specific homeschool routine, sometime soon.

Enjoy this list, I know is not a huge one but I wanted to focus on the ones I love and have actually used. I did not just want to copy and paste Pinterest links lol. Have fun with the kiddos, don't stress and do what works best for your family.

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